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By Sanda Coyle

Surviving in a Dog Eat Dog World

A Instant Guide to Train People.

It’s a dog eat dog world out there and everyone can use a few new tricks. Surviving in a Dog Eat Dog World is a dog gone instant guide designed to train people with proven, practical commands. From learning to leave your mark to running like someone left the gate open, Author Sanda Coyle leads you on a walk through life lessons mastered while being at great and not so great companies, being in great and not so great relationships, and raising great and not always perfectly great children. The common theme in learning these new tricks is to experience life through the eyes of dogs.

Meet The Author

Sanda Coyle

For more than three decades, Sanda Coyle has inspired people, grown managers, and developed sales talent while working for ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX television stations in New York, Arizona, and Texas. As Senior Vice President of Strategic Marketing, Vice President of Business Development, Director of Media Sales, General Sales Manager, Regional Sales Manager, National Sales Manager and Local Sales Manager, Sanda has had the privileged to serve iheartMedia, Meredith Corporation, Graham Media (Post Newsweek), United Chris Craft, New City (COX) Communications and others.

Sanda, together with her husband Robin Whitson, operate Coyle Whitson Strategy LLC. Sanda is an accomplished and energetic public speaker, consummate volunteer, and passionate dog lover.





A tail wagging good time! Pure four-legged fun! One colossal treat! Hard to leave it! Two paws up!

– Benji –

New Yorkie Times

Bet you’ll get caught with your wet nose in this book!

– Gus –

The Daily Beagle

Sanda Coyle has mastered tender dog tales and paired the lessons perfectly with people sense. Makes me want to come, sit, stay, and enjoy over and over and over.

– Roxy –

Bookwire Terrier

A tail wagging good time! Pure four-legged fun! One colossal treat! Hard to leave it! Two paws up!

– Stella –

Pit Bull Post-Gazette

Great command of the English language! Surviving in a Dog Eat Dog World will make anyone learn why dogs are everyone’s favorite people.

– Sir Winston –

Boston Terrier Globe

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