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Over my lifetime, I have written many things: a screenplay, hundreds of press releases, thousands of sales presentations, and tens of thousands of emails!  Every mentor I have ever had has always said “You need to write a book.” So, with my four finger typing and my wireless keyboard and mouse, I began this journey in July 2018 shortly after I resigned from my job as Local Sales Manager for the ABC TV station in San Antonio, Texas. At first, it was meant to be cathartic. I had a lot to say, thirty years of lessons learned over time like a good trick, but I struggled with how to say it. 

As I sat behind my desk in my home office, looking out the second story window into my front yard below, I typed. Within minutes, yard men came to mow the yard and my 15½ pound sidekick, Sam the Schnoodle, (who follows me around the house like velcro, coming to rest comfortably in his gray dog bed behind my office chair upstairs) began to bark incessantly. Sam does not like our yard men. Then it hit me, Sam’s instincts are to protect me from the yard men. Sam trusts his instincts, so he barks. Sam’s instincts became the basis for chapter one.

I have been owned by six dogs in my life, and I have been owned by two children. And for all intents and purposes, I have owned two husbands. On the career front, I have been owned by ten companies (two of which I have owned myself.)

Like each dog that found me, I found companies, careers, and people that (I believed) would provide me with happiness, rewards, a comfortable place to exercise my skills, and a forever-after. Like my dogs, I learned quickly. I served my masters well. I was loyal. 

All that brought me here—to write Surviving in a Dog-Eat-Dog World.  Thirty lessons encapsulated in a couple hundred pages. One lesson a day for a month. During this process, I learned a lot too and wanted to share the book adventure as well.

So sit, stay and maybe learn a few new tricks.