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Somewhere, while I was busy playing in the corporate arena, the world got wonderfully flat. When it came time to find an editor, I was steered (pointed…no, pushed) into using a professional editor that really knew what they were doing. Up until this point, three people had read my book and all of them had either close personal ties to me or were related through genetics. Of course, I thought, they would understand my nuances, appreciate my stories and allow me to dabble in (what I thought was) humorous prose. They already liked me! But, the thought of having an independent third party rip apart my book, word by word, line by line, page by page and then have me pay them to do it, was at minimum overwhelming. 

Robin found Upwork Inc. (an American freelancing platform where enterprises and individuals connect in order to conduct business). At my fingertips, were literally thousands of freelancers for hire. And so I posted the following job opportunity:

Looking for an experienced book editor to provide final edit on a 27-chapter non-fiction book. “Surviving In a Dog Eat Dog World” is a teachable guide to both life and business lessons learned through the eyes of dogs. Final edit will provide author with assistance on consistency and continuity, repetitive phrasing, word use, order, and flow of book in general.

Within hours, I had dozens of offers from freelancers.

Sifting through the prospective freelancers was harder than writing the book itself! After much angst and research, I hired Sue Vander Hook from Woodbury, MN, a seasoned book editor that had made over $100,000 in freelance earnings as a book editor.  Sue turned out to be the professional that I needed. She worked tirelessly on my book. Her edits were constructive, spot on and made my book better. Sue made letting go and releasing my book into her hands less painful. I allowed her to peel back my life in story chapter by chapter from page one through her final edits. In the end, I received the following email:

“By the way, I think your book is delightful and packed full of extremely good advice and thought-provoking ideas. (And, of course, I really like Sam!) It was such an enjoyable journey, and I feel like I know you and your fur-children well. Thank you for allowing me to share in developing your book.”

Sue Vander Hook